Shelley's Story, The Journey
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The mountain looks so high from down here

Man pushing his dream forward represented as a boulder being pushed up a rock face.

‘The goal had been set and I was very clear about what I want to achieve for the first time ever, so doing the action should be easy, right?!’

My mind was willing but the flesh was weak. The idea was to be in the gym on a regular basis working toward my bodybuilding dream and hitting weight loss goals left, right and centre. Instead I  was doing anything and everything except the things I really needed to do.

I researched gyms and discovered  there were 10 a short distance from my house, who knew! Spolit for choice, I debated on which gym I should go to. The expensive sport centre with a gym, sauna,  steam and array of sports activities just 5 minutes away or one of the budget gym chains offering gym, classes and showers at a fraction of price but a 20 – 30 minutes walk each way.

It was just an excuse and I knew it, the real question was did I think I was worth spending the money on the most obvious choice, the gym nearest to my home,  saving me time after work and energy after my workouts. I had to make a decision but I kept putting it off, I wanted to take the leap of faith but… It was easier to tell myself I didn’t have a plan, how would I know how many times a week I should working out? What muscles and when?

‘Nothing great every comes without a scarfice’

Then the panic set in about what I should be eating? How much and how often?  Should I be eating to lose weight or eating to build muscule? Eating on demand seemed like a real chore because I had no answers. Questions, questions, questions were swirling around my head with no answers and no directions this was starting to feel much more complex than I originally thought.

‘The only thing that is holding you back is yourself’

My bodybuilding dream now look further and further away as I found more and more reasons not to do it. Without conciously realising it, fear had set and I had turned my dream into an insurmountable mountain. Myself, into a hopeless climber stand at it’s base looking up completely unprepared for the task at hand.

This should be easier so why am I overcomplicating this?  Then I asked myself, ‘Did I want this?’, YES.  ‘Was I serious about doing this?’, YES. OK, well action is required, ‘What did I NEED to succeed?’, I need:

  • The belief  that, ‘It is possible
  • The courage to step outside of my comfort zone to do something new
  • A strong understanding about what it takes to become a bodybuilder
  • Surrounding myself with positive, motivated people with a similar fitness dream who will help and support me  in achieving my ongoing goal

One by one, step by step until I have turn this mountain into a molehill.


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